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The United Kingdom's payment industry is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 12.56% in the predicted period (2022-2027). The payment solutions globally, comprising the United Kingdom UK, are swiftly moving towards preferring online payment applications, like PayPal, MasterCard, and American Express, to take and process online payments. However, with some significant factors such as increasing internet insight and quick growth in online business and this craze is predictable to resume over the predicted span.

What does the term international payment gateway UK mean?

The service of the international payment gateway UK allows the merchant to receive online payments and process them securely and instantly with the involvement of acquiring banks and credit card networks.

International payment gateways UK are also known as intermediates between customers and merchants. Transactions are securely processed with the help of different security features provided by payment gateway providers and then transferred to the merchant’s bank account.

International merchant accounts also help in protecting confidential buyer’s details. Because buyers’ credit card information and other account data are secured to control unauthorized use of payment details. We can also call them the online alternate for a physical POS terminal found in standard businesses.

Features of an international payment gateway UK

Fraud Prevention Tools Boost client base
When customers pay online for their products or services. So, they may be worried about the security of their payment details. So, we also provide fraud prevention features along with payment processing ease with your payment gateway solutions to pay without any worry. If you want to expand your online business globally and expand your client base. Then we provide you with international payment processing that allows you to deal globally.
Easy Payment Gateway Integration with shopping cart Smooth & Speedy transaction
Most often, payment gateway solutions include software for integrating with an online website’s shopping cart. This also facilitates customers to select products with a single click, integrate them into shopping carts, and complete the buy at checkout. Yet, the product prices, sales tax amounts, and shipping costs are summed without the buyer’s presence. Processing payments manually is a tedious procedure. An international payment gateway solution is a speedy and more effective payment procedure. Furthermore, customers can purchase anything at any time without any pause.
Accessible for customers 24*7 Multiple currencies Acceptance
The international payment gateway makes your products or services accessible to customers 24*7.  An international payment gateway solution stimulates multiple currency payment acceptance, which provides an ease to the exchange procedure. High-Risk Payment gateway solutions primarily conduct global business payments speedier and more cost-effective.

Why WebPays only?

After knowing the features of an international merchant account, the question arises who provides them effectively to expand your business internationally? And the clear answer is WebPays. Because WebPays offers affordable and adequate payment processing solutions across the world. As it is vital that your eCommerce business receives payments online from the entire world. So, you can opt for WebPays as it provides a high-risk merchant account with a complete suite of payment processing solutions and various fraud prevention features.

Our high-risk payment gateway will allow you to take payments from various countries and in multiple currencies. We also provide your business with different sorts of payment methods such as bank transfers, credit card processing, eWallets, etc. So, we have a variety of options for your business.

We also provide reliable and productive international payment gateway services.

So, if you are looking for payment solutions for your global businesses to deal globally and securely. Then WebPays provides the most appropriate payment solution for your type of business. Just tell us your business requirements and get the most suitable solution.

FAQ 1. Which is the most preferred payment method in the UK?

Debit and credit cards are the leading payment method in the Uk, with 53% of online payments in the United Kingdom being performed by using a card. A debit card is specifically essential in the UK, with the Bank of England declaring that the vogue of debit cards has surpassed cash in current years.

FAQ 2. Who is the best international payment gateway provider in the UK?

WebPays is the top leading international payment gateway provider in the UK because its payment processing solutions have top-notch security features.