How To Apply For Online Casino Merchant Account?

You will need a casino merchant account if you plan to use an online casino platform. You cannot receive deposits or payouts without the processing of gambling-payments. The online gambling industry is huge and has unfavorable elements like other industries. The conventional banks are therefore a quiet sceptical about those in the gambling industry.

Obtaining an online casino merchant account is not easy butif you meet your specifications and provide the documents and information your equire as well as an experienced corporate services provider, you will beextremely likely to be approved for your gaming business account. Knowing theindustry and helping you navigate through the complex application process isthe key to success.

Online Casino Merchant Account

A merchant casino account is a credit card processing account that serves online gaming companies in particular. It aims at accepting deposits, payments and facilitating payouts and awards to the players. It is usually-linked to the website and application as a payment processor.

Why is the Gambling and casino industry considered as high - risk?

Most banks consider gambling companies to be 'high risk.' Thisis because of several reasons that we're going to list here.

The gaming company is considered to represent a higher risk forthe contractor, which makes it a high risk.

As well as being regulated and organized online gambling today,some financial companies still feel there are certain threats. Over time, theindustry and online gambling providers are likely to be up-to-date.

They have also increased turnover and the risk to processors is higher. credit card processors often close online merchant gambling accounts if companies cannot maintain a low fee ratio (less than 1 percent).Processors are not responsible for balance that cannot be covered by the gambling platform.

Many gambling companies are located offshore and the effect ofmoney laundering and fraud concerns.

This does not mean that it is not possible to process online gambling payments. There is still a way to get legitimate accounts for payment processing for your website

Requirements for Casino and gaming payment processing 

A definitive list of documents is not available that is necessaryfor opening an online gaming merchant account. Depending on variousfactors, the requirements change. But we can give you an idea of what is goingto be needed. You will need to give the following as a starting point:

These are the conditions for opening a merchant account. Please note that additional documentation on a case by case basis may be required:

  • Complete the request form
  • Provide a copy of the Registration Certificate of your Gaming License Company Memorandum or an equivalent document
  • Shareholder registers dated 3 months and signed by the company director
  • Good Performance Certificate
  • Management Register dated 3 months and signed by the company director
  • Capital or equivalent certificate
  • Provide a transaction forecast including anticipated transactions number, average transaction value, total volume, the cardholder's principal geographical locations, and history of processing (if any)

  • Further more, the following shall be submitted to all Directors, officers, shareholders, and final beneficiaries of the Company:

  • Your passport is a certified copy. In certain cases, the bank may ask for the country of origin to be apostilled.
  • A certified copy of a residential address utility letter with the complete name and address (issued within the last 3 months). This includes power, water, a fixed telephone line, and fixed bills for the Internet, bank statements, or official correspondence from the government. The acceptance of mobile bills or mobile Internet bills.
  • A reference to the bank's official letterhead is also required in the format of a letter. It usually includes information on the length of a banking relationship, the nature of the accounts held, and whether the account owner was an upstanding customer. This letter must be issued in the last three months.
  • A professional letter of reference (issued in the last 3 months) by a person who has been a client of at least 2 years of a lawyer or accountant. Account-holders can also supply another bank with a second bank reference.
  • Due signature of updated curriculum vitae

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